Where should I look for website inspiration?

Creating a new website means you get to start with a blank canvas, which is so much fun and tricky at the same time. Here are 5 places to go for website design inspiration which you could share with your website designer. Having images/links of websites you love, that you want to borrow inspiration from, will definitely speed up the initial website design process and reduce revisions.

1. Commerce Cream


Curating the Best of Shopify. They collect and highlight the most beautiful commerce experiences on Shopify to help inspire designers, developers and merchants to create amazing things. They have also interviewed many of the designers behind the designs which is an added bonus if you're looking for an international agency to work with.

2. Dribbble


You can't really google 'website inspiration' and not find dribbble, but it's worth mentioning here because we often forget that not everyone spends hours looking at websites like we do. Dribbble is awesome because there is a HUGE variety of design to browse through (we have a profile too: Skyrocket's dribbble).

3. Awwwards


If you want to find unique, boundary-pushing ideas then awwwards is the place to look. Often quite arty, the websites awwwards feature aren't for everyone but some are INCREDIBLE and it's definitely worth a browse.

Awwwards has a jury of web experts to weigh in on each submitted site. And they don’t just evaluate a site based on how “pretty” it is: instead, they consider each site’s design, usability, creativity, and content, give each dimension a score, then calculate a total score. They even explain the scoring system.

4. Land-book


A new one we've found and loved recently is Land-book. They're a curated website gallery which is updated daily. The websites they feature are fantastic, while still being achievable for your website designer to take incpiration from.

5. Webflow Showcase


This is our personal favourite to keep an eye on - Webflow's showcase. All of these websites are able to be created easily in Webflow and they're all amazing.

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