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Talk Recruitment work to provide the highest quality teachers for early childhood centres throughout New Zealand. Talk Recruitment specialise in early childhood centres placing teachers in permanent and casual roles.

Skyrocket began working with Talk Recruitment before they launched. We have helped Talk create a unique digital marketing plan and website which is one of the major reasons their first few months in business have been so crazy successful.

Our Website Process

Talk Recruitment came to Skyrocket needing a fresh and modern design for their new business launch! Talk Recruitment already had an amazing logo and branding so we set to work to create an equally amazing website for them.

We began our process through research, looking at other recruitment agency websites in the industry - looking at what works and what doesn't. After thorough research we began designing the first concept which Talk Recruitment's CEO approved instantly.

We built the website and took it live a week later.

Digital Marketing Process

We worked closely with Talk Recruitment to create a digital marketing strategy that would look awesome and was super effective. We used our knowledge of social media combined with Talk's vast industry knowledge to create a modern and engaging strategy which was worked amazingly well.

Talk's website had hundreds of visitors in the first week and has had staggering engagement on Facebook - which was the platform we decided would be the most effective at reaching their target market. We are now working with Talk on an ongoing basis to ensure the digital strategy and content remains fresh and engaging.

The Result

Talk Recruitment's website is an incredibly simple yet effective website that has resonated with young teachers learning about Talk Recruitment for the first time.

The website screams modern and up-with-the-play which means it stands out amongst the crowd with teachers in New Zealand.

We are now working with Talk Recruitment on an on-going basis to help them manage and improve the website over time using SEO and analytics.


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