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Website Platforms

Website Platforms
Where should I look for website inspiration?
Creating a new website means you get to start with a blank canvas, which is so much fun and tricky at the same time. Here are 5 places to go for website design inspiration which you could share with your website designer.
How to avoid rebuilding your Shopify website
In the last few weeks, I’ve helped two companies who have had to completely re-build their Shopify e-commerce websites after previous Shopify website developers set their websites up in a risky way which caused one website to completely crash, and the other became a big mess.
What is a 'responsive' website and why is it important?
If a website is responsive it means that the website's design and layout will adapt and change based on the screen size it is being viewed on. e.g. The website will look different on your computer in comparison to how it looks on an iPad or mobile.
Website Platforms
Webflow vs WordPress: Which platform should my website be built on?
You may have heard WordPress powers 40% of the internet these days. But is that a testament to its superiority or just its old age? Think Windows vs Mac. If you’d like to spend less money, have a website that always works, and you don’t enjoy migraines - Webflow is the way to go.